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    Angelia Uraih, Graduate Intern

    Supervised by Jenai Tidwell, LPC-S

    Life is filled with many unexpected twists and turns that no one should manage alone. Allow me to support you in navigating through this turbulent time in your life and empower you with the tools to create the peace you deserve. With professionalism and respect, I will help you tackle this unknown territory. As your therapist, I will hold space for you and work with you towards a resolution for whatever you are facing.

    I utilize a variety of approaches with clients, but I strongly believe in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Social Learning. These types of therapy focus on identifying the thoughts that create negative behaviors. We will work to gradual reshape new thoughts and behaviors through reinforcements and consistent improvements.

    I have earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Phoenix. I am certified as a Principal School Leader and am currently a graduate level intern, earning a master’s degree in counseling and development from Lamar University.

    Contact me!  Let’s work together to achieve the goals in your life that are hard to handle alone. I’m with you in this and am for you. Your freedom awaits!