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    Adoption Home Study Services

    Jenai Tidwell, LPC-S prepares home studies for families who are seeking to gain custody of a child or who are welcoming a child into their family through domestic adoptions.

    Home studies are conducted for all Texas adoptive parents, regardless of the type of adoption (private, domestic, international, state foster care system, etc.). The purpose of the home study is to document your background and home life. The home study process consists of:

    Step 1: Home visit conducted
    Step 2: References checked
    Step 3: All areas of family life documented including:
    • social
    • health
    • financial
    • physical needs
    • marital history
    • family history
    Step 4: Written report prepared
    It is imperative that an experienced and qualified person conducts and prepares your home study. Jenai has been practicing as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas since 2012. Prior to this time, she was a Licensed Mental Health Professional in the state of Indiana for 6 years. She has worked with children and families throughout the majority of her career and has 5 years’ experience of conducting home studies for both international and domestic adoptions for a private agency.